Energy Policy Review – Turkey 2021

Notably, Turkey has seen considerable diversification of its energy mix in the past decade. In particular, renewable energy has staged impressive growth, with renewable electricity generation tripling in the past decade. The commissioning of Turkey’s first nuclear power facility in 2023 will further diversify the country’s fuel mix. Still, fossil fuels continue to drive Turkey’s […]

The Role of Low-Carbon Fuels in the Clean Energy Transitions of the Power Sector

Governments around the world are faced with the challenge of ensuring electricity security and meeting growing electricity uses while simultaneously cutting emissions. The significant increase in renewables and electrification of end-uses plays a central role in clean energy transitions. However, due to the variable nature of solar PV and wind, a secure and decarbonised power […]

What is the impact of increasing commodity and energy prices on solar PV, wind and biofuels?

Wind and solar PV Rising commodity prices have increased the cost of producing solar PV modules, wind turbines and biofuels worldwide. This situation has short-term implications for equipment manufacturers, project developers and policy makers. Higher prices for solar PV and wind equipment have reversed the cost reduction trend that the industry has seen for more […]

Renewables 2022

Renewables 2022 is the IEA’s primary analysis on the sector, based on current policies and market developments. It forecasts the deployment of renewable energy technologies in electricity, transport and heat to 2027 while also exploring key challenges to the industry and identifying barriers to faster growth. The current global energy crisis brings both new opportunities […]